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This site will serve as the portal for program information, training and material fulfillment for Boys & Girls Clubs only. It features an online catalog with materials pre-selected for clubs. For all other customers, please click here to return to the main site.

2017 Webinar Information

An introduction and orientation webinar for Clubs interested in utilizing the Positive Action program is schedule for Tuesday, April 11 at 1:00 PM EDT. You may register for the session using the link below:

April Session:

Click here to register for the April Session.

Two sessions were also held in January. You may view recordings of those sessions and download the PowerPoint:

January Session 1:

Click here to view the Session 1 recording. 

January Session 2:

Click here to view the Session 2 recording.


Click here to download the PowerPoint for the 2017 webinar.

Click here to download the PDF version of the PowerPoint for the 2017 webinar.

A Frequently Asked Questions section has been added based on the questions from 2016 sessions. Click here to review the Frequently Asked Questions. It may also be accessed from the Program Information navigation menu above.

Video Testimonials

Positive Action has worked with numerous Boys & Girls Clubs over the years. Three Clubs were kind enough to produce testimonial videos.

Click here fro a video presentation from Boys & Girls Clubs of Rogue Valley.

Click here for a video testimonial from Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County.

Click here for a video testimnoial from Boys & Girls Clubs of Hawaii.

Click here for a PSA on Positive Action from Boys & Girls Clubs of Hawaii.


Product Information

Positive Action and Boys & Girls Clubs of America have pre-selected kits for use with OJP FY 2016 Mentoring Program grants. Those kits should be ordered only if you have applied and received OJP FY 2016 Mentoring funds. The mentoring kit pricing is only available to Clubs who have applied and were awarded OJP FY 2016 mentoring funds.


Contact Information

For all inquiries on matters related to Positive Action, please contact a Boys & Girls Club representative at bgc@positiveaction.net. You may also call (800) 345-2974, extension 110.

For more information about grants, budgets and reimbursements from Boys & Girls Club of America, please contact Julie Gunnell. She may be reached at jgunnell@bgca.org or (404) 487-5626.